Make Walks Fun Again

The Harmony Dog Harness Revolution

Is walking your dog more of a drag than a delight?  Don't worry.  We've got you covered.  Your dog will thank-you.
The Goods

Harmony Harness Line-up

It's a little different but it works like magic. 
No pain. No pull.  No problem.

Made in Canada

Harmony Dog Walking System

Harness. Leash. Handle. Happiness in nylon.

Harmony Dog Harness

Totally adjustable & dog friendly this is the first step to walking with ease.

No-Pull Dog Leash Connector

Have a dog who was a plow horse in a past life? This is a game changer. Compatible with most harnesses & leashes.

Customer Review

Harmony Dog Walking System

" 50lbs and 75lbs my dogs both insist on pulling on leash.  These leashes give me total control over them.  They stop pulling immediately.  Best money spent.  Love em!"
Why Does it work

It's all about Physics.

In the most simplistic way possible

Even if you snoozed through high school physics class you have probably heard the quote "for every action there's an equal & opposite reaction".  This is true when you walk your dog on leash.  They only pull if there's something to pull against. 

Our revolutionary sliding points of contact means you don't need as much skill or trained timing to help overcome physics. 

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Not just Hard goods

We help dogs feel better so they can learn better.

We love our Harmony Dog Harness products but we do so much more than sell helpful, dog-friendly gear.  We have a "whole dog" program that has successfully helped guardians discover their dog's potential for over three decades.

If you love dogs and want to learn new ways to give your dog confidence, relaxation and improve your overall connection, learn more in our FREE mini courses.